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Stretching Your Wedding Flower Budget Tip

Updated: Feb 22

Flowers are the "frosting & sprinkles" of a wedding. They are magical. Flowers create the mood and style that greet your guests.

This special touch does come with a cost. I have a budget-stretching tip to share with you. Understand you are taking a floral piece from the Ceremony and transferring them to the Reception.



You can "re-purpose" your flowers from the Ceremony to the Reception if you understand a few points.

  1. The floral designer will need time from your last Ceremony location photos (group shots under the arch, photos in front of the church etc) to when your guest enter the Reception hall. A minimum of 45 minutes.

  2. There is a small cost to keep the Floral Team on-site to make the transition. It is much cheaper than having new arrangements created for the Reception.

Hanging Installation

The hanging Ceremony florals were moved to the front of the Sweet Heart table. They were placed on the ground to create a garden feel. Saved: $300-$450

The Back of the Aisle arrangement were placed back to back to create a very large installation on the well structure in the center of the Reception space. We added candles for a magical touch.

Saved: $300-$450

Floral Pillars

This wedding was moved indoors because of a possible rain threat. Since the heat was not going to be an issue, we utilize the centerpieces down the aisle to add more of a garden feel.

The urn arrangements went on the ground in front of the Sweet Heart table. The Flower Towers were moved to sit behind the couple creating a garden backdrop. Saving: $450-$700

The bonus of using the centerpieces down the Ceremony aisle was an added bonus. Just be aware that if these arrangements are in an outdoor ceremony they can begin to look tired after a couple of hours. The floral designer may need to do a quick touch-up before the Reception, which can be an added cost.


Re-Purposing arch florals has a lot of possibilities. This arch had 3 separate floral pieces.

We attached one to the top left corner of the hexagon. One was placed as a cascading floral arrangement on the top of the Sweet Heart table. The third was set on the floor in front of the table.

We then placed the bridesmaid's bouquets in vases and flanked them on either side of the floor arrangement. Saved: $400-$500

TIP: Once the bridesmaids are finished with photos, place their bouquets in vases that can be used as Reception decor as low floral arrangements. Otherwise they are just wilting on the table.


In the garden. This couple wanted a special Sweet Heart Table. We created the Back of Aisle arrangements and added tall urns with ferns for height. After the Ceremony, we quickly moved the pieces to the Reception to create the envisioned Sweet Heart Table. Saved: $300


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