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"Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today."

Growing up I thought the two best jobs in the world  was a florist and the UPS guy (now the Amazon Prime truck driver).   They always delivered happy things and people are excited to see them.  Silly I know.

Even as a little girl,  I dreamed of working with flowers in some way shape or form. But like so many of us,  I made of  a lot of excuses why I couldn't pursue it.  Until now. 


It took a family tragedy in the summer of 2017 when my younger brother passed away from pancreatic cancer.  He was way to young, with a lot of life to still live. In one of our last conversations, he told me to go live, follow my passion, and have fun. 

With a lot of heart searching, I kept coming back to flowers and being able touch lives in some small way with what I love.  


Flowers, across cultures and for generations,  have been used to brighten people's days and to elevate spaces that otherwise might be a little bland. They can bring us to tears with their beauty. A flower's scent can take you back to a precious memory and they can bring happiness, even for a moment, to the saddest of times. Flowers, even one bloom, are a sweet gesture and a way to love on yourself.  Flowers with each bud is a sign of new beginnings and perseverance.  They even show us that even in the rain, we can still grow.


Since Fall of 2018, Petals and Stems Market has been out in the community spreading smiles, encouraging people, loving on people through our Pop-Up Flower Markets and workshops.  Seeing the joy in the everyone's eyes is a gift I get everyday. 

With 30 years experience in the wedding industry, in different capacities, it made complete sense when customers began to ask about wedding flowers. I am so honored when a couple asks us to be apart of their special day. 

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Tracy Post

 Dreamer. Creator. Activator. Floralpreneur

  • Native Floridian

  • Grew up in the family plant nursery business

  • Mom of 3  - 18 yr old & 21 yr old TWINS

  • Married 25 years! 

  • Graduated UCF with Communication & PR degree.

  • A Homeschool mom for 12 yrs.

  • Positions Held:  Conference Administrator, Program Director, Marketing Coordinator, Small Business Strategy, Instructor, Blogger, Event Coordinator, Operations Manager, 

  • Entrepreneur  journey started at 8 years old.

  • Love:  Traveling, coffee, paddle boarding,  photography, beaches, visiting gardens, exploring new cities. 

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