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Wedding Essentials 

Color Palette

Wedding Elements takes all the stress out of ordering wedding flowers.

We have carefully curated a menu of items ranging from bouquets and boutonnières, ceremony arrangements

as well as centerpieces for your reception.

We have carefully curated these Color Palettes, to make the process simple and stress free.

These are Color Palette Mood Boards.

They have been designed to give a visual representation of the color combination. 

It does not reflect the exact florals that will used in the design.

The Wedding Elements will be designed with your event date's seasonal florals and foliage.

Organically Green & White

green and white  mood board  (1).png

Lush green hues fill this collection with a  neutral organic vibe. Simple but striking.

Soft white roses, greens and lovely, fragrant eucalyptus, create the perfect mix.


Burgandy mood board.png

This striking contrast of color exudes elegance and grace. The color collection complements itself with the dramatic burgundy textures crafted together with the soft kiss of creamy peach and pinks.  

Boho Rustic & Rich

Boho rust mood board .png

With rich mixes of rust and terra cotta, deep greens, and many shades of pink. This bold color palette is the perfect  Boho look.    By mixing the Eucalyptus greenery in with Pampas grass and lush, soft roses, the combination is stunning.

Blushing Romance

blush mood board  copy.png

Imagine the elegance of this soft color combination. The romantic delicate tones and texture is a classic.  In blushing pinks, tints of  peach and hints of butter yellow.

Vibrant & Beautiful

Vibrant and Beautiful mood board.png

This eye-catching array of striking bright colors are a fun way to add a splash of color to your wedding day. The striking color collection is full of rich hues that creates a festive look to the bouquet and floral accents.


Perfect for a Boho wedding, or a summer wedding.  The exotic burgundy,  melon, raspberry,  pineapple yellow , and brilliant pinks flowers and enchanting eucalyptus will bring magic to your wedding day. 

Chic White

Purely White mood board copy.png

This timeless neutral pure white with soft green color palette is simple but stunningly chic. 


This combination is versatile with most themes and bridal party attire.  

Dusty Blue

Soft blue mood board.png

The soft dusty blue feels like the kiss of an oceanic breeze during a beach wedding or the nip of frost during a winter wedding. 

Looking for something new and the something blue for your wedding, this color palette is for you.  The perfect hint of blue in your wedding bouquets to follow a timeless tradition that is still popular today. 



Who is Wedding Essentials best suited for?


Wedding Essentials is most appropriate for couples looking to leave the design details to the experts.

Why is the menu limited?

Our list of menu items provides you with the best value options in the most popular color pallets. Which allows use to curate the perfect design for you special day. 

What if I want a ceiling installation or other ceremony feature?

We’d love to work with you to create a beautiful custom design for your day. Ceiling installations and custom ceremony features are part of our Full Service Wedding approach. To enquiry about that today, click here.

Can I pickup my flowers from your studio?

We spend hours creating your wedding flowers and as such want them to arrive to you in perfect condition. Transporting flowers safely requires a lot of time and know-how and our team takes great pride in offering the best service possible.

Will you replicate an image I supply to you?

You deserve more than a recreation of someone else’s bouquet. You and your partner have a unique story to tell and we feel so blessed to be part of your day. Let’s make it one to remember!

When should I place my order?

We require a minimum of 30 days notice and suggest placing your order 3 –6 months before your wedding day.

Can I receive a refund?

If you’ve placed a Wedding Essentials order, we will provide a 50% refund if you contact us 30 days prior to your planned event date. Within 30 days, no refund will be available.


What if I want a formal consultation?

Wedding Essentials is meant to be easy and that means you’re able to leave the details to us – the experts. Place your order online, select your color palette and we will handcraft your wedding flowers in our studio. And deliver them to you on the day! Easy as that. If you’re looking for more of a collaborative approach, reach out to us here.

When will my flowers be delivered?

We’ll connect with you in the lead up to your wedding day to finalize the delivery details, ensuring the schedule suits the photographer’s requirements as well as the venues set-up guidelines.

What if I want something not shown on the menu?

We keep the menu very limited because we believe each items provides the best value to our clients. If you have other elements that are not listed on the Wedding Essentials menu, that would be considered more of a collaborative approach, reach out to us here.

Where do you deliver?

All across Central Florida - Orlando and the outlying areas. 

How do I pay?

Place your order online and you’ll have the option of paying by Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Paypal.  Payment in full is required before your order is formally confirmed.

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