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Colorful Flowers

Faux Floral Rental

Petals and Stems has been designing long-term retail installations for several years using faux florals, which means we have a large inventory.  Brides are wanting to stretch their budgets a little more and renting faux florals is an option.   Just because they are faux florals doesn't mean they are cheaper but renting them does! 


Currently we are offering, in conjunction with your fresh floral order from Petals and Stems, the option of faux florals for existing venue arches (most venues have an arbor or different ceremony arches to use as part of your package), cascading tree scape renting our floral towers or creating a custom faux floral installation. 



You pick your style and the color pallet.  When we come to deliver your fresh Personal florals, we will install and dismantle your faux florals after the ceremony. 



Why offer these faux flower as rentals?! A couple reasons with our top reasons being: 

  • We have large inventory from our retail installations available which saves you time and money.  Doing it DIY does take money to curate the abundance of blooms needs to create and time to assemble. Your suppose to be enjoying your wedding day not stressing. 

  • less waste, less stress, less cost - you don't have store or give away after the event. 

  • ability to offer a beautiful garden like faux designs available to more people

These faux flower rentals are for you if:

  • you are a bride who doesn’t put fresh flowers at the top of your wedding list, but still needs beautiful flowers.

  • you are a bride who loves, loves, loves the incredible ceremony florals but budget conscious. You want to save some money a little money – that isn’t because faux flowers cost less than fresh flowers, it’s because we can re-use (rent) the faux flowers vs fresh that only last for the one wedding.

  • you are a bride wanting an easy process - by getting your fresh florals for personal elements and faux ceremony florals from one vender is going to save you time and more money (no having to pay for two celebrate delivery fee from two separate vendors) 



Select the ceremony/design style you would like for your event.  Price includes the installation and after ceremony removal. 

Please note that these are reference photos and not the exact pieces.  We design each piece to your event. 

Arch florals


Two clusters of florals on the provided arch.  Usually is positioned on the structure's upper left and mid-side on the right 


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triangle arch.jpg
flower towers

Floral Towers


floral pilars
Tree floral scape.jpg

Tree Scaping

Designing a beautiful cascading waterfall of florals coming down a majestic tree.  The design will take into consideration the tree's structure and how dense of design you are wanting. 



tree scape 2.jpg
full round.jpg


We can create a custom faux floral installation. 

Hanging floral chandeliers

Archways, swings, tablescapes etc. 

Price is based on the extent of the desing. 



Select the your color pallet.  Your installation will have floral and greenery in the selected color pallet.  We do not guarantee specific florals.  

Please note that these are reference photos and not the exact pieces.  We currently provide arch and ceremony faux installations. 

Organically Green & White

green and white  mood board  (1).png

Lush green hues fill this collection with a neutral organic vibe. Simple but striking. Soft white roses and florals along with lovely greenery. 


Burgandy mood board.png

This striking contrast of color exudes elegance and grace. The color collection complements itself with the dramatic burgundy textures crafted together with the soft kiss of creamy peach and pinks.  

Boho Rustic & Rich

Boho rust mood board .png

With rich mixes of rust and terra cotta, deep greens, and many shades of pink. This bold color palette is the perfect  Boho look.    Pampas grasses are extra charge. 

Blushing Romance

blush mood board  copy.png

Imagine the elegance of this soft color combination. The romantic delicate tones and texture is a classic.  In blushing pinks, tints of  peach and hints of butter yellow.

Vibrant & Beautiful

Vibrant and Beautiful mood board.png

This eye-catching array of striking bright colors are a fun way to add a splash of color to your wedding day. The striking color collection is full of rich hues that creates a festive look. Perfect for a Boho wedding, or a summer wedding.  The exotic burgundy,  melon, raspberry,  pineapple yellow , and brilliant pinks flowers.

Chic White

Purely White mood board copy.png

This timeless neutral pure white with soft green color palette is simple but stunningly chic. This combination is versatile with most themes and bridal party attire.  

Dusty Blue

Soft blue mood board.png

The soft dusty blue feels like the kiss of an oceanic breeze during a beach wedding or the nip of frost during a winter wedding.  Looking for something new and the something blue for your wedding, this color palette is for you.  

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