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Historic Romantic. Blush Garden

Kimberly and Dean's wedding location, Casa Feliz, felt like stepping into a European villa. The garden style with a blush and cream palette wove into the villa's architecture.

Cater: Arthur’s Catering -

Kimberly's floral vision was in blush and soft garden tones. We designed with the Quicksand rose as the focal and supported with cream and blush floral accents.

The Groom has a Pocket Boutonniere. This style of boutonniere is designed to slip right into the gentleman's pocket instead of the pocket square. The traditional boutonniere attaches to the jacket lapel either by pinning or magnetic backing. Unfortunately, if not attached properly, many times the flower will droop to one side and look sloppy in the photos.

The Pocket Boutonniere stays securely in place. It stays intact after giving hugs and lots of dancing. It has become a favorite with the gentlemen since they don't have to worry about it once it is set into the pocket.

TIP: Also consider the thickness of the jackets lapel or shirt the gentlemen will be wearing. Thick lapels will require more securing.

If the gentlemen are not wearing a jacket but instead a more casual look - a pinned boutonniere can be too heavy for the shirt fabric. Instead, go magnetic backed or pocket option.


The preferred Ceremony location at Casa Feliz is at the front entry to the house. We designed a hanging floral installation to be a garden style but not overtake the unique architecture of the building's charm. To greet the guests into the space, we also included two urns of florals.

Each of the florals pieces in the Ceremony were then transferred to the Reception to be woven into the design.

The Reception

The Reception is held in the courtyard of the house. Guests are treated to a romantic evening under the market lights.

We transitioned the large urn arrangements to the top of the "well" the arrangements are placed back to back to create a large installation. The hanging installation lays flat in front of the Sweet Heart table to create a garden style that is also reflected in the table centerpieces.

Each table had low centerpieces which were designed in a takeaway dish. Once the event was over, the insert dish is removed and the rented compotes could be returned. for the guest.

I hope you can take some of these floral ideas and weave them into your event.

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