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Tropical Vibe Summer Installation

The Challenge was to draw attention to a very bland brink corner in front of a beach inspired clothing boutique. The incline of the sidewalk results in the store's windows being above the sidewalk. The store needs pedestrians to look up and see the business.

I decided to create a tropical inspired vibe in bright pinks, tangerine oranges, and deep berry. The Installation climbs up the corner leading the eye up to the store's windows.

This Installation was so fun to create. I love the reaction of the pedestrians and their appreciation.

Only 48 hours after the installation, Mt Dora was hit by a very powerful storm. There was 50-60 mph wind gusts (even had a tornado go through a few miles away) that ripped through downtown. As well as torrential down pour.

I was nervous. The Installation is 100% exposed to the elements. I am happy to announce that only a couple elements came out. The structure withstood the winds and the rain. A little re-weaving some loose materials and all is good.

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