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Bloom'in Love

Ivy's Boutique (Ivy Boutique | Facebook) opened in Mt. Dora historic downtown in 2021. Ivy's is a charming trendy clothing boutique.

Ivy desired to draw attention to her new store. She had just purchased some mega blooms from Hobby Lobby. That was my launching pad for the design.

With the inspiration of mega sized blooms, we created a pink ombre blooms climbing up the wall. The Installation transformed a blank flat brick wall into an eye catching floral dream.

Social Media photo opportunity.

My Large installations are created with dazzling faux florals and greenery. It is weather resistant that are ideal for exterior display. In addition the installation can stay up for months at a time. The eye catching and photo opportunity displays have increased foot traffic.

We can design the exterior and/or interior of a retail shop or restaurant.

Contact us to discuss your floral dream.


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