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Welcome to Plant Camp.  I am excited you have joined us.  You should have received your Succulent Dish Garden Kit. THis Workshop is broken into short sessions to make them quick views and easy to go back to areas you might want to see again.  Verses having to move through one video and hope to find what you are looking to see again. 

Before You Get Started

Your includes succulents, container, drainage rocks, succulent soil, Finishing Touch rock toppings, and chop sticks.


You might want to also have:

  • Table or work space covering - Newspaper, tablecloth, or other type of cover that will make cleaning up easier. 

  • A tray that you can work over to collect soil - This is a plant project and can get dirty.  By having a container to catch the dirt and reuse in your planting. 

  • Small art or paint brush - this helps brush off soil and rocks that falls into the leaves.  It makes it easier to clean up.  

  • A Spoon - Aka a small shovel to get the soil in the tight spaces. 

About Succulents

Succulents are super incredible plants.  

Here is the more information about succulents. 

Let's Create a Dish Garden

Finishing Touches

How to Propagate Succulents

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